Dishwasher repair
Since 2005

For 13 years we successfully repair home appliance.

73% of same day repairs

Experience of our masters allows them take necessary parts after phone conversation.

Warranty up to 3 years

After repair you'll get longlife warranty that covers work and part.

Dishwasher repair in Saint Petersburg | Neva-Service

Your dishwasher stays full of water after washing? Doesn't turn on? Dishes remain dirty? We can help you.
Neva-Service specializes in washing machine and dishwasher home repair. Make online-call and our master contacts you within 15 min to approve time of visit.
Master Direct Call -5%

Price list

Call and diagnostics
Master's visit within 30 km within St. Petersburg Free from 15 мин.
Diagnostics* Free from 5 мин.
No drain
Blockages elimination 700 rub. 15-90 min.
Pump replacement 1600 rub. 30-90 min.
No turn on/off
Power cord replacement 950 rub. 30-45 min.
Control module replacement 1000 rub. 1-2 h.
Control module repair 1000 rub. from 1 day
Cuff replacement 1600 rub. 25-40 min.
Washes badly
Impeller cleaning 700 rub. 15-30 min.
Salt bin cleaning/replacement 1000 rub. 45-70 min.
Not draw water
Blockages elimination 700 rub. 15-30 min.
Water set valve replacement 1000 rub. 20-50 min.
Circulation pump repair/replacement 1000 rub. 45-120 min.
Leak detection and repair 1000 rub. 15-120 min.
Pressure sensor replacement 1600 rub. 30-45 min.
AquaStop replacement 1600 rub. 30-60 min.
Replacing the drain / filler hose 1600 rub. 45-70 min.
No heat
Heating element replacement 1000 rub. 30-60 min.
Thermostat replacement 1600 rub. 30-60 min.
Not open/close
Door opening 700 rub. 5-15 min.
Handle replacement 950 rub. 15-45 min.
Lock replacement 1000 rub. 15-60 min.
Decorative items replacement
Facade replacement 950 rub. 25-40 min.
Buttons replacement 950 rub. 15-45 min.
Установка новой техники
New appliance installation 1500 rub. 30-120 min.
New built-in appliance installation 1700 rub. 45-150 min.

* In case of refusal to repair or the impossibility of carrying it out, the diagnostics is paid for 500 rubles. If a complete disassembly was required, the diagnosis is paid by a factor of 2.

** Spare pats are not included***

*** But we use only qualitative parts!

Our masters

29 years experience
20 years experience
10 years experience
10 years experience
10 years experience
9 years experience
9 years experience
7 years experience
7 years experience

We serve the whole of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region

Master Direct Call -5%

How we work

  1. Dishwaser repairYou contact us by calling 8 (812) 385-66-80 or making online-call with 5% discount. We need to know dishwasher's brand, character of the malfunction and address for sending your request to nearest master.
  2. Master contacts you within 30 min (usually within 15 min) and asks you in detail about full model of dishwasher, malfunction and convenient time for visit.
  3. At the appointing time master visits you and makes diagnostics of your appliance. After that he calls final price that includes work and spare part. If you don't accept this price, you shoul pay 500 rub for diagnostics or 1000 rub if it was full disassembly.  
  4. If you accept, dishwasher repair usually starts immediatly, course master experience let him take reqired part after first call conversation.
  5. When the work ends you check your appliance performance.
  6. If all works as it should, you pay the master via cash or online.
  7. Master takes you warranty card that covers his work and spare part.

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Master Direct Call -5%
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